Fitness and wellbeing for Preschoolers

IGS Preschool staff have created a fitness timetable for Early Learning children.

The timetable covers their physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

“Here at Early Learning, we have been thinking about ways we can stimulate learning in the home environment,” said IGS Head of School Early Learning Sarah Herbert.

“Early Learning families have already been involved in the vast array of learning experiences that have been provided by our Early Childhood Teachers and our Language Educators. Now we would like to introduce the holistic approach to personal development, health and physical education.”

“To assist families in implementing the holistic approach at home, we have designed and developed a chart that will act as a helpful guide to families in creating their own play experiences at home. You may like to display the chart in your home where it can be used to stimulate structured or incidental play experiences that promote the five pillars of wellbeing.”

You can view it here.