Film Studies students to take a bow

IGS congratulates Year 9 students Maxime Laurans-Wall, Jacky Peng and Jacob Freeman-Von Fehrn, who were recently selected as finalists in the 1 Minute Film Competition.

Films were submitted based on the theme of ‘The Second World War and Your Community’ by individual students, groups of students, and entire classes from across Australia and New Zealand.

IGS Drama Teacher Ned Manning said the class recently completed their Major Film Projects.

“The one Minute Films are part of the process of learning about films and film making. It’s a great achievement,” Ned said.

Their film, Within The Minute, demonstrates the value of a soldier’s life, from the first gunshot to the last. 

“It’s about a soldier who goes to war, expecting to die with pride. With the first gunshot, he knows he’s going to die, yet he still goes out, as if he’s not afraid to die, rather he finds it honourable to die for his country. We wanted to incorporate this mentality into our character which we found added a nice touch to the film,” Maxime said.

“It took around 3 weeks. One week to finish the script, one weekend to rehearse at the location, and another weekend to film.

“It’s really exciting and satisfying to find out you’ve been recognized as a finalist out of hundreds of films in Australia, especially after all of the hard work you’ve put in,” he said.

As a passionate film-maker, Maxime said he loves being able to explore the history of film and how to pursue it as a career in the IGS Film Studies class.

“Mr Manning has always been such a resourceful teacher whenever my classmates or I run into a problem, he has always encouraged us to pursue filmmaking outside of School, and he’s given helpful advice in terms of a film career,” Maxime said.

“In Term 3 we were given the assignment to produce a film. This assignment let us use our creativity and combined it with the knowledge we’ve been given by Mr Manning for the past few terms. We got to create our own story, film it, and present it to the class. One of my favorite moments during that time was watching everyone else’s films, which I found very enjoyable.”

IGS Drama student Jacob, who acted in the short film, said making it as a finalist “made all the hard work pay off.”

Congratulations to all students for completing their Major Film Projects.

Watch their short film here.