Fantastic results for IGS athletes

It’s been an exciting term for Athletics at IGS, with strong results across all year groups, particularly at the recent AICES and CIS carnivals.

IGS had 27 High School students compete at the Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools (AICES) carnival with great enthusiasm.

Oscar Killick-Dodd

Well done to all of the High School athletes, and to the following six students who will move onto the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) carnival.

  • Matteus Uleman of Year 7
  • Mischa Belunek of Year 9
  • Maya Braun of Year 10
  • Benjamin Hayes of Year 10
  • Oscar Killick-Dodd of Year 10
  • Stephanie Potter of Year 11.
Mischa Belunek 

At the recent CIS Primary School carnival, our Junior Relay teams both made the final, with the boys’ Junior Relay team scoring 4th place overall.

In the 100m race events, Jake Dewhirst of Year 2, Marli Wright of Year 3, Alice Bowler and Remi Klug of Year 5, and Amelia Whitaker of Year 6 all made it through to the finals. Remi Klug also made it to the 200m event final.

More great results:

  • Long distance runner Emilia Williams of Year 5 placed 8th in the 800m event.
  • Ava Landon of Year 5 came 5th place in High Jump, as did Zoe Killick Dodd of Year 6 for her age group.
  • Alice Bowler placed 3rd in Long Jump, and Ava Landon placed 5th.
  • Amelia Whitaker placed 6th in Long Jump and 10th in the Discus event.
  • Jakub Belunek of Year 4 placed 9th in Long Jump.
  • Toby Dolph placed 12th in Discus.
Alice Bowler with her Bronze medal

“The CIS athletics carnival was exciting and nerve-wracking when we waited for our race, throw or jump,” said Primary Sports Leader Amelia Whitaker.

“We cheered for people in our school and association, and were nervous for our relay teams who all did so well.”

Congratulations to all who have represented IGS in various Athletics carnivals this term.

In further sports news, Year 12 had an opportunity to compete against various members of PDHPE staff in a friendly basketball match to farewell the students. This is a fun, continuing tradition for the senior students.

On this occasion, the staff were successful in obtaining the winner’s title.