Familiar faces on Hot Tin Roof

IGS alumnus Harry Greenwood (2006) stars with Hugo Weaving in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the Roslyn Packer Theatre, Walsh Bay, from April 29 to June 8.

The father and son pair were featured recently in The Sydney Morning Herald, discussing some of Harry’s first roles, in IGS school plays.

Director of Drama Rita Morabito recalls Harry playing a butterfly in The Wright Way Home, devised for former IGS Principal David Wright’s retirement and featuring some of his poetry.

In The Journey, Harry played “a little devil in Hell’s basement in a promenade piece through the Surry Hills site”.

“Drama wasn’t even a subject yet and there were no funds at all for it,” Rita said. “It was driven by a strong belief in the pedagogy to build community through stories and performance; more about student creative voice rather than use of an existing script.”

Harry has contacted Rita, saying “I look back on those two experiences very fondly!”

Rita said a number of professional performers had found their feet during productions at IGS, including Hollywood actor Sam Reid (primary school), Matilda Ridgway (2003), singer songwriter Bertie Blackman (1999) and Izzi Manfredi (2005) of the Preatures, and writers Emma Salkild (1999) and Eryk Bagshaw (2007). 

Years 9 to 12 Drama students and Year 12 English 1 students will attend the Sydney Theatre Company play later this month.