Exploring theatre, ideas and eminence

Year 5 students have been participating in a Sydney Theatre Company course throughout the term, looking deeper into Shaun Tan’s The Arrival.

“It’s been so much fun working with the whole class on this interactive project,” said Logan.

“There’s no right or wrong. We just express ourselves and our imagination.”

To start one day each week, the class are joined by a teacher from the Sydney Theatre Company to explore The Arrival through activities using objects, emotion and movement.

“The first three periods on a Tuesday morning are always the highlight of the week,” said Head of Stage 3 and Year 5 Educator Jessica Price.


Working together, the class have been enjoying developing their confidence and speaking skills as they act out imagery and ideas from the text, and explore other theatre techniques.

“There’s lots of moving around using imagination to become characters, stories, objects, emotions, and anything really!” said Valentina.

“We’ve learnt so much about acting skills, and the sessions have helped me a lot with my confidence in my acting ability, which I’m keen to follow in the future.”

“It’s the best way to start the morning and makes us excited for the rest of the day,” added Logan.

“The activities have helped us look at ideas and expressions in a totally new way. It’s super interesting.”

The program is of benefit to Year 5 students’ term-long Eminence Projects, in which each student selects the life of a particular person of interest to study in depth and then present on to the whole year group.