Exploring the world of plants

Continuing the conversation of conservation at IGS, Year 3 students recently visited The Royal Botanical Garden Sydney as part of their unit of study on rainforests.

The excursion involved two parts:

Survive and Thrive: Students investigated a range of native plants and the features that allow them to survive in the Australian environment.

The project allowed students to examine plants in contrasting environments, such as the rainforest and desert, and make connections between the physical conditions and the growth and survival of plants.


Aboriginal People and Plants: Year 3 investigated a wide variety of local native plants integral to the life of the first Australians.

In this session, Aboriginal Education Officers provided a personal perspective of how Indigenous people of the Sydney area used plants for food, medicine, tools and weapons, offering students a unique opportunity to meet and interact with members of our Indigenous communities.

Student reflections:
James: I loved smelling the eucalyptus leaves the most because it reminded me of a beautiful flower garden.

Charley: On the excursion I learnt that you can use flowers from the wattle tree as soap, you can use paperbark for bandanas and lemon myrtle for colds.

Jasper: It was a great excursion, where we learnt lots of things about the rainforest. I especially liked learning about bush medicines.