Exploring traditional Indigenous games

Acknowledging NAIDOC week, Year 2 students have been learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ culture and history in Term 4.

“As a part of our learning journey, Year 2 German and Japanese students explored Indigenous Traditional Games together in Week 5 of Term 4,” Machiko Sensei said.

“The students played Tarnambai which means ‘running’ in the language used in the Batavia area of North Queensland. The students were introduced to the name of the game and its meaning as well as in which area it was played.

“Then they enjoyed the game after watching the demonstrations while listening to the instructions in both German and Japanese.

“They rolled a ball, sprinted after it, picked it up on the run after it crossed a line and returned. They also enjoyed the variation version of the game played in the Torres Strait islands as well.”

Machiko Sensei said the students enjoyed participating in the game and exploring traditional Indigenous culture.