Excited to learn ‘face-to-face’ again

Privileges once taken for granted were celebrated this week as students returned to IGS.

“I taught my Japanese Beginners Year 11 class,” said Japanese teacher Lucy Howard-Shibuya.

“We were all really excited to actually be in the same room together! They all came in, putting on hand sanitizer and then sat spread out across the room. They knew how to manage themselves very safely.

“We only had a single period of Japanese but we got so much work done and having the big whiteboard and the ability to speak and listen really effectively in the classroom was fabulous.

“The kids have done an exceptional job working from home but this week just brought back to me that nothing can replace the face to face teaching! The atmosphere in the room was really great.

“I am really very happy to be back on campus with the students, but we just have to be careful observing the safety guidelines.

“It has also been really nice seeing them all catch up in the courtyard in Mountain Street before House meetings in the morning, as they have clearly missed seeing each other on a regular basis.”