Exchange experiences

IGS language students enjoyed a virtual exchange with students from one of our international partner schools.

Year 9 Japanese students recently participated in a wonderful online exchange experience with students from Tamagawa Academy, our sister school in Tokyo.

“In this virtual exchange, students exchanged presentations about their lives, schools and cities in both Japanese and English,” Rosalba said.

Tamagawa Academy has many similarities with IGS and the experience was immersive and entertaining for everyone.

Students learnt more about Japanese culture and gained a valuable opportunity to speak Japanese with students their own age, swapping questions and even exploring PowerPoint presentations.

“After this virtual exchange, a majority of our class now wants to go on a real exchange to Tamagawa Academy,” Rosalba said.

Students expressed their wish to communicate more with the school and learn more about the culture and lifestyle of a Japanese student. They thanked the language staff at both Tamagawa Academy and IGS for their experience.