Exceptional opportunity at Oxford

Three enthusiastic Year 11 students recently graduated from the Queen's College Summer School at the Oxford Royale Academy, United Kingdom.

Abby Mahemoff, Charlotte Howden and Maxine Baker took off on their two-week international learning journey with much excitement and anticipation.

“Oxford Royale Academy has a strong tradition in breadth of learning,” said IGS Head of Literary Projects Derek Patulny who accompanied them.

“Students are encouraged to develop their existing interests, but also to discover additional avenues of learning to take with them into the next stages of life.”


The Academy requires students to exercise discipline and organisation in their prioritisation of tasks and to commit themselves fully to their chosen learning experience.

“Our IGS students performed this beautifully, showing strong dedication to their course and developing deeper, more sophisticated knowledge of global issues and deeper investment in diverse fields of inquiry,” Mr Patulny said.

“The experience was blessed with perfect weather and a magnificent setting, rich in history and steeped in centuries of learning.

“While demonstrating maturity in pursuit of their learning goals, IGS students were responsible in their engagement with students from all over the world in a centre of global excellence.”

The students said they each met many “amazing international students”, who are now “lifelong friends”.

“Their international perspective in my classes was interesting, and their personal experiences were fascinating to hear about out of class time,” said Abby.

“It was wonderful to meet people from every corner of the world and I really hope to meet up with the friends I made in many different countries in the coming years,” Maxine added.


Mr Patulny said the three students “achieved strong social independence while making important contributions to the social and community atmosphere” at The Queen’s College, their place of residence for the duration of the experience.

“Oxford is a place where growth and learning occurs within a community which draws strongly on the past in the present to shape the future,” he said.

“Our IGS students are richer for their learning within a global institution and for their continued direct engagement with current and future members of the global society.”

The students engaged in a variety of experiences covering and combining many academic disciplines.

“The classes were incredibly engaging, and the teachers were very skilled in their respective fields,” Abby said.

“The Queen’s College was beautiful, and the perfect backdrop for our international experience.”


“The teachers were really enthusiastic, informative and engaging, and the grounds were amazing,” Charlotte said. 

Each student said they would “highly recommend” this international learning opportunity to fellow students.

“I would definitely recommend the Oxford experience to anyone looking to try new things, meet new people and challenge themselves and their boundaries,” Maxine said.

“It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done and I encourage others to take up the opportunity,” Charlotte added.

IGS congratulates the students on this experience and for representing the School with diligence and an energetic approach to learning.