Evie takes on new Sustainability role

Congratulations to Evie of Year 9 who is the Sustainable Future's new Social Media coordinator.

Evie said she has been passionate about sustainability since she was in Year 3.

With what began as an interest in the consequences of rubbish, then the oceans and oceans rising, she is now more curious about the topic than ever.

“I’m interested in thinking about how sustainability brings people together as a community,” Evie said.

“I think that is so important as a school community. When you have a Sustainable Future’s Club that connects people together, I really like that.

“I’m quite drawn to the fact that global warming is affecting the animals and the oceans too. I really want to learn more about renewable energy and water management,” Evie said.

“I want to make thinking about sustainability really fun for people. I want to show people how important it is and how much it surrounds us. I want to incorporate art too, with kids, as it makes the messages more engaging.

“I want to raise awareness about how a cleaner environment improves our life quality, and why it’s so important for our generation. I want to do it in quite a entertaining way and that’s why I chose the role of social media. Social media is very powerful.”

Evie is excited to start weekly challenges on the Instagram page. For example, one week she will ask students to notice how much plastic they see on the way to school.

“I really hope the people who look at the page feel inspired to share enviro concerns through art and creativity. I feel like it unlocks a sense of passion when you do something through art.”

IGS Head of Sustainability Carmelo Fedele congratulated Evie.

“We had an election process where students would nominate themselves, and students voted,” Mr Fedele said.

“It’s a huge vote of confidence for Evie and I know she will do a great job following in the footsteps of Tilli, who was the first person to have the role.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what Evie does with it and I know she has some fantastic ideas and she is really interested in using creativity, art and aesthetics to engage young people in messages around sustainability.”

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