Eve Mitchell James: ‘their country, their identity’

Eve Mitchell James chose to study the Accelerated Aboriginal Studies course because she had the desire to learn more about Aboriginal culture.

For her Major Project, Eve explored the topics of constitution and governmental policies, connection to country, and identity.

“I connected all these themes through exploring how the Australian constitution and subsequent governmental policies have impacted aboriginal peoples connection to country and how in turn this has impacted their sense of identity,” she said.

“The process of my major work first involved researching the different topics, then interviewing a range of Aboriginal people regarding these issues, then creating a work which I thought represented these ideas.

“The final work I created was a series of charcoal drawings. I chose the material of charcoal as it is a material made from plant and animal material. I think that the use of material links in well with the idea of connection to country.


“I made portraits of some of the people who I interviewed, these portraits paired with the individuals totem(s). I decided to incorporate totems in my final work as they can be thought of as a physical embodiment of connection to country. This paired with portraits suggests the strong link between country and identity.

“Along with the works I put quotes from the interviews which I conducted, these quotes explore the themes of constitution and governmental policies.”