Eva Ragg selected for top cricket team

Congratulations to IGS Year 11 student Eva Ragg, selected for the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) team competing at the NSW All Schools Girls Cricket Championships in March.

Eva recalls playing cricket in the backyard with her three older brothers from an early age.

“As soon as I could stand up,” Eva said.

“I joined my first ever official cricket club when I was six, playing in the under 8’s. It was a mixed team, but I was the only girl in the whole competition.

“I love everything about cricket (even the length of the game).

“To me, one of the greatest things about cricket is the mental battle you have with the other team, and with yourself.

“It is the toughest sport I have ever played, both mentally and physically, but that is something I love about it.

“Many believe it may not be as challenging physically, due to the ‘lack of action,’ but staying focused and committed to your game for seven and a half hours in more than 30 degrees of heat is very exhausting.”

Eva tried out for the CIS Cricket team in 2020, but the tournament was cancelled due to COVID-19.

“I am very excited to compete in a tournament with my friends, and also play against my friends. I know these tournaments are of a high level, as it is composed of the best school-aged cricketers in NSW, so I am looking forward to competing against such good quality teams, and having a real challenge.”

Eva said playing cricket professionally would be a dream job.

Congratulations, Eva! IGS wishes you all the best in the upcoming competition.