Euan Thomas secures offer to study Marine and Antarctic Science

Congratulations to IGS Class of 2021 student Euan Thomas, who received an early offer to study a Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science at the University of Tasmania (UTAS).

“I have always wanted to work in the ocean or with marine life, so doing something with marine biology has always been a path I wanted to take to achieve this goal,” Euan said.

“I have always been fascinated by the ocean and since getting my scuba license in 2016, I realised that I was interested in pursuing a career path working in the ocean and with marine life.”

When asked what inspired his interest in this field, Euan noted his Year 11 Geography Teacher Carmelo Fedele, who introduced him to a practical Marine Biology Course at the University of Tasmania.

Euan also visited Maria Island in April of 2021, where he participated in activities including collecting plankton and fish surveys.

“Thanks to Mr Fedele for introducing me to this course,” he said.

Euan has attended IGS since he was four.

Highlights of his time at IGS include a Italy trip in Year 9 and the overall environment and camaraderie within his year group.