Environmentally friendly tote bag project sew sensible!

Year 7 students have taken action to reduce ocean plastic pollution by creating their own re-usable bags.

“We looked at the impact of micro plastics in the ocean, single use plastic and floating plastic gyres, and have been creating reusable bags to reduce waste,” said IGS Art and Design Teacher Hannah Fenton.

Students enjoyed selecting ocean motifs to decorate the canvas bags. 

They learnt a variety of machine and hand sewing skills in order to create their bags.

Hunter: I like being able to make a difference.

Lucy: I really enjoyed this. I liked the fabric choices and how efficient it can be. We will have created our own bag in a short amount of time.

May: I think it was really fun. I haven’t sewn before with a machine. I found it really exciting. Creating a reusable bag won’t effect the oceans.

Derin: I think it’s really cool, because we can all learn more about our planet and we learnt about the microplastics we didn’t even know existed. Making our own bags is better than buying a normal tote bag, because I feel I’ve actually achieved something. It’s really cool.