Enhancing kindness across IGS

Year 12 leaders greeted all staff, parents, caregivers and students at the IGS gate at the start of National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence with “Bullying. No way!” cards.

“Anti bullying is important for IGS and for all schools, because it’s important that every student feels safe,” said Nina Rewitzer of Year 12.

It was a good day to spread awareness of bullying and encourage people to stand up for others and ensure bullying was not happening, according to Max Rodie.

Otis Connor said bullying could destroy people’s self esteem. “Through awareness raising days like this, we create a better environment for everyone,” Otis said.

The cards complemented the School’s messages of celebrating differences, cultural diversity, peace and harmony.

They included helpline contacts and encouraged parents and caregivers to listen calmly to their children, reassure them, ask them what they wanted to do if bullying was occurring, and visit www.bullyingnoway.gov.au to explore strategies.

A ‘kindness tree’ in the Primary School, full of wonderful messages