Engage update

Introducing ‘late’ and ‘absence’ procedures, the Daybook, and PTF contact list ‘opt out’ instructions.

Explore our first handy “How to” clips for using the new IGS Engage interface, helping IGS parents, students and teachers share information.

View this handy clip to find out how to respond to “absence” and “late” notifications about your child using Engage, and to learn more about the Engage Daybook.

Preparing to share parent and caregiver contact lists

As part of our warm and welcoming community, IGS Parents, Teachers and Friends association (PTF) volunteers organise a number of social events for families in various year groups throughout the year, assisted by the use of parent contact lists.

Names, contact details, suburb and children’s Primary School language groups will be shared with relevant families from early March. (Please note that contact details are not to be used outside the IGS community, nor for marketing purposes, and they are to be kept secure, in keeping with Australian Government Privacy law.)

‘Opt out’ option 

If you do not wish to share your contact details with other IGS parents and caregivers, please view this brief and handy clip to learn how to use Engage to “opt out” of sharing your contact details. Please ensure you opt out by 1 March 2019 if you do not want your details to be shared in this way. 

Continual improvement process

In other Engage news, we thank our community for sharing feedback about the user experience as we continue to migrate and customise key data to this new platform. For example, terminology inherited from our previous database is being updated to minimise sexist terminology, and other features are being adapted.