End of year celebrated in Early Learning

Our youngest learners celebrated the end of the year in diverse ways.

Children enjoyed the opportunity to share experiences and ideas and learn about different kinds of celebrations.

Between morning tea and lunch, the children engaged in a range of party games and activities, led by the Early Learning staff.

The children enjoyed a healthy party lunch in a festive celebration with music and decorations they’d made. Transition children also received a special certificate.

“The children in Preschool Green have worked super hard making decorations and getting ready for class parties,” Early Learning Educator Deborah King said.

“They have made paper chains and added some sparkle to a unicorn! The children have planned all the elements of their party, the decorations, songs and games.

“They danced to their favourite songs, played dance freeze and pass the parcel.

“Some children wanted to see the big Christmas tree in the library. They looked at the lovely decorations and talked about their favourite one.”

Children in Transition enjoyed a very special treasure hunt.

“During our play time, the children received a big parcel and letter from Principal Shauna Colnan,” said Early Learning Teacher Elena Palmitessa.

“It was an invitation for the children to start a scavenger hunt around the school.” 

“A New adventure will wait for you next year but before discovering the world, get ready to discover the school and find a Treasure!” the invitation read.

The children were in four colour teams; Green, Blue, Red and Gold. They had a map to guide them as thy explored different School environments, including the playground, the canteen, the Bibliothèque, the Principal’s office and the office of the Head of School Early Learning Sarah Herbert.

“In each space they found riddles, words games, and hints to reveal where to go find to the treasure,” Elena said.

“At the end of the treasure hunt, the children were invited to return to where they have spent their best time in the year, in their classroom, and there it was! A big chest, with iceblocks!”