Beautiful Work: Eminence projects impress

Year 5 students took on the personas of famous people for their Eminence projects, delighting other students as they walked the halls.

Galileo, Cathy Freeman, Florence Nightingale and many more extraordinary people throughout history rubbed shoulders with each other at IGS as students presented on their research into eminence in diverse ways.

As part of their Eminence project, students learned about an inspiring individual who has had a positive impact on the world.

Students had to research their inspiring person and produce a biography, detailed timeline and portrait and deliver a dramatic monologue in full costume.

On Wednesday, while dressed in costume, students had the opportunity to exhibit their findings and teach others about their inspiring individual.

Here are some of their choices.

“Princess Diana is the first person that popped into my mind and I recently watched a documentary on her,” said Elizabeth.

“Adam Goodes helped many young Indigenous children,” said Luca.

Evelyn researched Cathy Freeman. A keen athlete herself, she was impressed that Cathy started running at the age of two, and took out a gold medal in the 2000 Olympics.

Hunter researched wildlife conservator and animal protector Steve Irwin, while Charlotte researched Ada Lovelace, who helped to make the “first ever computer”.

Tara researched nursing trailblazer Florence Nightingale and another Florence researched American aviator Amelia Earhart.