Eminence captivates Years 3, 4 and 5

Younger students were absorbed by heroes and heroines recently brought to life by Year 5 students.

“Term 2 is always an exciting term in Year 5 as we work on our Eminence Projects,” said 5 Blue Home Class Teacher and Head of Stage 3 Jessica Price.

“Over the course of the term, students dive into deep learning about an inspiring individual who has had a positive impact on the world and leaves a lasting legacy.

“Children are carefully guided through a series of components by their teachers. As part of the project, exciting lessons are delivered and individual working time is planned.

“The components included in the project range from a carefully researched biography, a detailed timeline, a dramatic monologue delivered in full costume and finally a portrait depicting the person. Children also have the option to complete extra tasks relating to their eminent person.

“James, from 5 Blue has studied Mozart this term and so learnt a piece on the piano as his extra task. It is amazing to see the students think outside the box for these extra components!

“Year 5 displayed their work in an exhibition viewed by Years 3 and 4 students. They have worked so hard all term and it was a wonderful celebration to end the term.”

Surgeons, pilots, musicians, artists, astronauts, great leaders and more came to life again at IGS, and their contributions were discussed.

Congratulations to all students on their learning.