Embroidery and coding

Year 7 Technology students let their creativity shine as they made their very own felt monsters.

As part of their Toy Unit, students created felt monsters (known as a felster) designed for young children.

“They learnt a range of hand embroidery skills as well as basic coding skills to code an Arduino microprocessor to light up and play songs for the users of the toys,” their Teacher Isobel Green said.


What students had to say about the project:

“The part I liked about the unit was designing the felster. My favourite part about the unit was making the felster,” said Giorgio.

“I liked learning how to do hand stitching. My favourite part was watching the whole process come together,” said Alice.

“I liked embroidering the felster because it was really fun and I took interest in it. It was my favourite aspect of the felster unit. I also enjoyed designing the felster and creating it my own,” said Zoe.

“I liked how we got to learn different stitches and chose the colour and design. I also liked how we got to choose the music for our coding on the Arduino,” said Audrey.

“I liked this unit because I learnt how to stitch and I liked coding the Arduino. Probably the favorite thing I did was stuffing the felster as the stuffing felt really good. I also liked this unit because I got to make my felster Charli D’amelio for my sister,” said Ben.

“I liked the felster activity because I got to use my imagination to create a monster and pick my own features and I also learnt lots of different stitches. My favorite part of the unit was sewing the facial feature on to the felster and also stuffing the felster was very fun,” said Poppy.

“I liked the freedom to be as creative as I can and put my ideas together to create a monster of my choice. It also challenged me,” said Eva.

“I liked this unit because we learnt how to hand sew many different stitch types, and we got to use our imagination to create something that we like. My favorite part of the unit was sewing the two sides of the felster together and stuffing it. I liked this part because it was the final touches of the creation process,” said Maya.

“I liked learning the new stitches and how it challenged me to learn new skills,” said Asher.

“I liked this unit because it challenged us to learn new skills like embroidering and making new codes. I also liked how we got the freedom to do whatever design we wanted,” said Ava.

“I liked this unit because it was fun and challenging. My favourite part of the unit was stitching the final part of the felts together and seeing the final product,” said Zahra.

“I liked learning to hand sew. My feltster turned out very very well. I really really enjoyed this part of the felsters. It was really, really fun,” said Amali.

“I enjoyed getting to code the circuit boards to flash and react to the what you did, we also learnt how to run the code on the circuits and use them in our felsters,” said Abbas.

“What I liked about the unit is that it was a mix of different abilities. We had to learn about coding as well as learning how to do different stitches and how to hand sew. We had to use our creative side for the making of the felster and had fun making up weird and wonderful monsters that we aimed at a younger audience. Overall it was a fun unit that I’d recommend for years in the future,” said Matilda.

“I enjoyed doing coding and working with the Adafruit. My favourite part was downloading code on it and seeing the output,” said Arthur.

“I liked the fact that it was fun, practical and helped me learn all these new sewing skills,” said Bronte.