Education outside of the box

IGS are celebrating after two very successful and emotional Mother’s Day celebrations.

This year, around 50 people from IGS participated in the annual Mother’s Day Classic, a fun run that raised funds and awareness for cancer research.

At least 14 Early Learning children and their families joined the event alongside six Early Learning staff, Deputy Principal Mary Duma and her family, among others.

The Sunday run followed the Friday visit by 20 Year 7 and 11 students to the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse where they delivered flowers and shared stories with cancer patients to brighten their day.

The visit has been featured in the Daily Telegraph online and Central Sydney NewsLocal paper, with the headline Students hand out flowers to cancer patients

Deputy Principal Mary Duma said this year’s community initiatives were all about “thinking outside the square of what education is all about” to include “education that is touching the heart and mind of the children”.

She said the visit to the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Hospital was challenging for the students but “watching people’s faces and how they reacted to our kids was just phenomenal,” she said.

“Parents tell me that such experiences leave an impression on them, that they felt really good about themselves.”

Mary said the big focus this year was on building a greater connection with the community, involving students in giving back to the community and making a difference.

IGS teacher Stephen Pace agreed that the experience at the Lifehouse was very valuable.

“Our students need to be able to face different situations and be brave,” Stephen said.

Mary, who participated in the Mother’s Day Classic with her 4 year old grandson, said being able to walk with the “littlest” and build kindness at a young age was really important.

Early Learning Teacher Melissa Phillips said the children were amazing, “walking for 4km and making it to the finish line with their hands in the air, ready to receive their medal,” she said.

“Collectively, we have raised so far $5,665 for Breast Cancer Research.”

Melissa gave a special thanks to Jon and the Dean-Story family as well as Sue and Nikki Penklis who were the the school’s top fundraisers.

“Thank you to all the staff, families and children that joined us and to all those that supported us,” she said.

“We look forward to walking again next year and having more of you join us.”