Economics preparation adds value

IGS HSC Economics students gave up part of their holidays to help put their best feet forward.

“These students have taken the opportunity to do a three-hour practice paper a couple of weeks before their trial examination,” said Humanities Teacher Jon White.

“It’s a fantastic form of preparation, and one that’s very difficult to fit in during term time.”

The students were pleased to have taken part.

“It’s good practice,” Ben Hayes said. “It’s a really good subject. Economics and PE are practical. You can see what’s happening with them in the real world. They are easy to understand.” 

“I came in to get a feel for a three-hour exam and check my knowledge,” said Ethan Mudaliar-Bek. “I’ve been doing a lot of work for Economics. I had no idea what it was when I chose it in Year 11. I really like learning about it.”

Fellow student Parker Floris described Mr White as “an absolute legend”. “He makes it really interesting,” Parker said.