Early University offer for Jack Schroeter

Congratulations to Class of 2021 student Jack Schroeter who was recently accepted into the Macquarie Leaders and Achievers Early Entry Program.

Jack received the offer to study a double degree in Cognitive and Brain Science and Information Technology at Macquarie University.

He also received a second offer to study a Bachelor of Science In Information Technology and Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS.

“The immediate reaction I had was an immense feeling of relief and joy, followed by the stress of the coming exams and the pressure to get into a university vanished. It has honestly allowed me to enjoy the exams and treat them more as a challenge than anything else,” Jack said.

“I am currently planning to pursue a career in research; however the topic of study is still to be decided. I am thinking of either pursuing the development of artificial intelligence, given that the development of computers is to some extent based on the functioning of the brain so learning about its function might help, or to study the brain and nervous system in more depth, studying the ways in which neurons can be repaired as a possibility.

“I have always been fascinated by the function of the human body, with all of the systems within it that are near perfectly aligned to maintaining our health. I have also been fascinated with magic systems within books and in playing D&D, and the way in which it shapes reality around it. While I can not use magic sadly, the brain is the area that perceives reality, so studying that perception, and the ways it can be messed up is something I find fascinating.”

Jack thanked Mr Marchbank, who lent him a book on biological psychology.

He said the book introduced him to a “whole world of behavioural science and the ways in which it is influenced, especially regarding the balance (or imbalance) of chemicals within the body”.

Congratulations Jack!