Early Learning shares thanks with wider IGS team

Our earliest learners have thanked the cleaning team for helping keep IGS safe.

Early Childhood Teacher Transition Gold Candice Ramrack and the Educators in Transition Gold have been instilling in our youngest learners the very essence of IGS as an inclusive community valuing each of our members.

“We are stronger together, and all have an important role to play,” said Head of School Early Learning Sarah Herbert.

“Supporting children from a young age to actively demonstrate kindness to others is firmly embedded in the program in Early Learning where important skills relating to social and emotional development are nurtured – learning to express gratitude is such a gift to our children, school, local and wider community.”


Students wrote and decorate messages for a card for Nisha, Sunil and Elena who have been working around the clock to ensure our classrooms are ‘germ free’. 

“As we continue to incorporate kindness into our everyday practices in Transition Gold, this week we had a lesson in gratitude as we took time to thank our team of cleaners,” Candice said.

“The children practised their writing skills as they wrote and decorated little thank you notes which were combined into a card. The kind members of Transition Gold were asked why we say thank you to others.”

“To fill up their bucket”- Madeleine

“To make them feel good and happy”- Teddie

“When someone gives you something you should say thank you”- Jack