Early Learning experiment with Science

Early Learning children took part in an exciting fizz-making Science experiment with Early Childhood Teacher Sonja Wiedenmaier.

The fizz experiment followed a recent sensory experience the children had with goop.

“The thought provoking dialogue that occurred during their goop experiment posed amazing questions and wonderings about how different materials can interact with each other and why it might do so,” Sonja said.

“During the fizz making experiment, the children learned how much of each item to use, which containers might work best and of course to share our wonderings about what might happen.”

Sonja said the children are excited to continue learning about Science.

“Each time we will be refining our thinking and our methods and also incorporating early scientific language such as hypothesising, observing, problem solving and of course investigating,” Sonja said.

“The sensory play element helps develop children’s curiosity, cooperation, confidence, commitment and persistence, and also fosters a range of skills and processes such as inquiry, researching and experimentation.”