Early Learning activities promote kindness and inclusivity

Early Learning Educators have been incorporating activities that promote kindness, inclusivity, connection, and friendships into the classroom in the lead-up to Harmony Day and Anti-Bullying Day.

Director of Early Learning, Sarah Herbert said the first Term in Early Learning is a particularly special time, where they welcome their youngest learners.

“The actions, words, and activities of our teachers and educators are all about welcoming children and their families,” Sarah said.

“We aim to develop a special connection with each and every child (and family) to build a genuine sense of belonging and community. When children feel that they belong, know who is here to help and support them, and are comfortable in their new space, then they can flourish and learn.”

In Transition Gold, Early Learning Educator Candice Ramrack has allowed her class to embrace concepts of kindness through a book called ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids’ by Carol McCloud.

“Since exploring the notion of the ‘invisible bucket, ‘that we all carry, the young learners of Transition have gained an understanding of how simple and rewarding it is to express kindness to other people,” Candice said.

“To further reinforce the children’s comprehension of this abstract idea, we have been engaging in learning experiences within the classroom.

“Recently, our weekly sharing circle became a ring of kindness as the children, armed with their own bucket, shared kind gestures and words that were written down and placed in the bucket of each child. It has been wonderful to observe how the children have been incorporating these values into their daily practices.”