Early Learners immerse themselves in Languages

Extended Hours Coordinator and German Teacher Sonja Wiedenmaier shares some of the ways IGS children enjoy engaging in the various language experiences on offer throughout their day.

Sonja said how heart warming it is to observing the children being inclusive and respectful of one another, especially when sharing an experience they have explored during the target language sessions.

“Board games have been a highlight towards the end of our busy day,” Sonja said.

“While collaboration, turn taking and sharing are imperative to this type of play, it is a lovely experience that allows all of our friends to share their knowledge about their target language.”

Books in other languages have also become a natural part of the children’s play.

“While exploring the ever evolving space in our restaurant, Hugo and Alexander noticed that the frames contained illustrations and photographs of places around the world. Through close observation of the images within the frame, a thoughtful dialogue started to unfold,” Sonja said.

For example, one child pointed out the Opera House, saying that’s where he lives. Another child identified a scene from Japan.

Sonja told the children that the images represent a special connection that IGS has to other countries.