Early Learners create new world

During National Reconciliation week our ELC After Care Program students worked together to create some beautiful work.

After designing some fairytale characters, the students were eager to create a land for their characters to live in.

Using cardboard they were able to create different worlds for these unique characters.

Over several weeks many layers were added using a myriad of materials and processes.

“The children explored the idea of topographic views and were inspired by a page within Joy Murphy Wandin’s Welcome to Country book,” said Extended Hours Coordinator Sonja Wiendenmaier.

Students quickly became inspired to play with symbols and patterns to create an intricate, interesting and collaborative piece for all in the Early Learning Centre to enjoy.

“It’s fascinating how the intention of a piece can shift and it’s wonderful to see how the children drive this shift, as their learning evolves and depends,” said Ms Wiendenmaier.