Dynamic drummers

Year 7 students threw themselves into the excitement of West African drumming and culture during Jumbunna Week.

African Beat and the Salaka Ensemble shared more than a hundred drums with our students, teaching them to play an authentic African rhythm, to sing a traditional African song, and experience African dancing and culture.

Folk tales and contemporary stories were also shared, giving students a perspective on village life and culture in Africa, in an interactive music, dance, physical, geography and history lesson.

Leni: “African drumming was great because the performers were really engaging with the audience. The performers’ names were Pepsi and Mohammed. Mohammed and Pepsi made sure that we all learnt and enjoyed African culture. In the African drumming program, we learnt how to play the bongo and sing in African, and Pepsi showed us some traditional dances. The African drummers were very informative and fun.”

Sia: “I really enjoyed African drumming. It was super fun. The teachers were really passionate, exciting and interesting. I learnt a lot about Africa from the teachers. I learnt about the culture, instruments and day to day life. The music sounded so good! My favourite part was when we got to play the drums all together. It sounded really good. The dancing they showed was fantastic. It matched the beat of the music and looked really cool. It was one of my favourite activities in Jumbunna Week.”