Dynamic dancing

“Dance to the moon and reach for the stars”

During their time in Aftercare, our community of learners have shown an emerging interest in dancing.

Our dance party was designed for children to find delight in the discovery of rhythmic motion of their bodies and to find satisfaction in dancing with their peers.

Their ongoing love of dancing was extended by involving them in the planning process. Our event planners, Charlotte, Astrid, Athena, Nyssa, Alita and Tommy took ownership of their learning, spending the afternoon creating magic in our outdoor space and crafting the perfect table arrangement for children to feast on their favourite fruit treats.

Getting a glimpse of the party for the first time, children were quick to display their excitement. They exhibited remarkable enthusiasm when preparing to participate in some traditional party games such as a sack race, an egg and spoon relay game and limbo.

Children then transformed into dancers and were encouraged to explore a range of movement techniques and to use their creative responses to develop their own style and dance.

Designing and organising a dance party such as this provided opportunities for children to engage actively and creatively with their bodies and to perform dynamic dance movements to a selection of their favourite songs.