Dramatic improvements

A group of IGS Primary School staff and English and Drama High School colleagues recently participated in a highly engaging “School Drama” professional development workshop.

Sydney Theatre Company Education Manager John Saunders led the workshop, demonstrating a range of drama strategies that can be employed across the curriculum.

The goals of this experience included:

  • gaining greater confidence in using Drama in the classroom
  • increasing an understanding of strategies that can be employed across Key Learning Areas (KLAs) as critical, quality pedagogy
  • collaborative planning and implementing a series of learning experiences through a piece of literature, linked to existing programs.

“Using drama as an educational tool allows students to gain greater meaning of the world around them,” said Deputy Head of Junior School Josie Nardella.

“Drama enables students to participate in practical experiences and develops their confidence to express themselves in a safe environment.”


While a number of IGS staff have been involved in School Drama over the past three years, this was the first time the workshop was made available on campus, allowing all relevant staff to take part.

Such programs have been found to contribute to significant improvements in student academic achievement, confidence and engagement, along with improvements in class cohesion.