Drama, language and culture a ‘beating heart’ at IGS

"From the very beginnings at IGS, the beating heart of our School has always been in the beautiful collaborations that can evolve from studying the languages and cultures that define us," said IGS Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito.

“In Drama we investigate the cultural and linguistic origins of the various way stories are told,” Rita said.

“We were delighted to be invited by The Italian Cultural Institute to host Commedia dell’Arte artists, Sanjiva (Giovanni) Margio and Giri (Antonio) Mazzella, who presented their show Commedia Viva to Year 10 Drama students and Italian Language students.”

The artists also conducted a physical workshop with Drama students, who are currently studying this art form and creating their own performance work.

“We laughed and enjoyed the incredible characters that these two masters presented for us. My favourite contemporary Commedia inspired characters were The Black Nonnas with their list of ailments and many children, one who unexpectedly and hilariously made its way into the audience. The day was a wonderful masterclass that our students thoroughly enjoyed.” 

Jack: “It was really special to do a workshop with people that knew so much about Commedia dell’Arte and could give us such expert insights into how to create and improve our Commedia abilities. I particularly enjoyed the musical aspects they produced as they were very engaging and surprisingly comical. I feel very honoured we got to work with them.”

Harriet: “It was such an invigorating workshop; the atmosphere was intense and Giovanni and Antonio were so vibrant onstage. I loved every minute!” 

Laith: “It broadened my knowledge of what Commedia dell’Arte actually is, and I’m really thankful for such an incredible experience.”

Sebastian: “The experience was, as well as being very entertaining, very helpful for our assessment and a great learning experience.”  

Annabel: “To be able to hear from some incredible performers has made this whole unit that much more enjoyable and empowering.”

IGS Teacher Sabrina Casu said the students energy was contagious and she laughed and laughed throughout the performance.

“The show was great and the comedians absolutely brilliant! Thanks for organising that and for bringing a bit of Italy into our school today.”