Drama Exhibition: Zara Upfold

Zara recommends Drama at IGS as a safe way to transcend the bounds of one's comfort zone.

“I love how Drama has allowed me to explore storytelling in such a creative and nuanced way,” said Zara.
For her HSC Individual Project, Zara did a performance of Adam Rapp’s Nocturne.

“I selected segments from the first and second acts of the play and combined them to create my performance, which details an American whose life changes after a tragic car accident,” Zara said.

 “At first, I was a little apprehensive about doing Drama because I assumed that I would be too shy to perform.

“But I always felt safe enough in Drama to push myself out of my comfort zone. The course contributed overall to my confidence. 
“Drama is one of the greatest subjects at IGS, and I recommend it to all.”
Read her rationale here.