Drama Exhibition: Lily McGuinness

"Studying Drama has given me a new appreciation for not only theatre but all performance mediums," said Lily McGuinness.

“Since Year 9, my favourite part of studying Drama has been its real-world application and the way it challenges me to leave my comfort zone.”

Lily performed a piece from Alana Valentine’s verbatim play Letters to Lindy for her HSC Individual Project.

The piece explores the Lindy Chamberlain case.

“The Chamberlain case polarised Australia, and I chose to do a monologue about it, because it gave me the opportunity to dive into research that would inform my character, as well as learn more about the darker side of Australian history,” she said.

“I wanted to challenge myself by doing a piece that carried such stigma and reputation.”

Lily said that Drama at IGS is an exciting, ever-changing experience.

“It provides students with the opportunity to see amazing theatre, and then apply the knowledge gained from those experiences to play building in the classroom,” she said.

“The years I have spent working with my talented and passionate peers have been one of the best parts of my High School experience.

“Drama is challenging, nerve-wracking and difficult at times, which ultimately means it is the most rewarding subject.”

We congratulate Lily on her nomination for HSC showcase of excellence OnSTAGE for this performance.

Read her rationale here.