Drama Exhibition: Eva-Marie Workman

For her HSC Individual Project, Eva developed a Costume Design for Tartuffe by Moliere. 

“Deception and hidden truths are symbolised in the costume design through the use of sheer and transparent fabrics,” she said.

“For example, my costume design for Tartuffe’s last scene involves him wearing a traditional Korean hat, called a Gai, over an exaggerated horned Louis XIV wig. Stage lighting will be used to shine through the fabric so the audience sees the devil’s horns which represent the true hypocrite and intent of his character.”

“The venue could be the large stage such as Carriageworks or the Roslyn Packer Theatre,” she said.

Her costumes were planned with the expectation that a proportion of the audience could be “well off” middle-class theatre-goers, who might see themselves reflected in the characters on stage.

Read her rationale here.