Drama Exhibition: Ava Jenkin

"Drama has helped me apply my passion for acting, and has been an invaluable development experience for my confidence and finding who I am," Ava said.

“Drama is unlike any other course offered for High School students. The theatre productions we have been taken to over the past four years have deepened my understanding of the importance of theatre as a medium to share stories of socio-political importance.”

Ava performed a scene from Kae Tempest’s play Wasted.

“I found this play and a love for Kae Tempest’s work not only as a poet but as a playwright,” she said.

“I was attracted to the play’s ideas such as the adolescence of adulthood, existentialism, discontent and escapism, and how the play puts these issues under a political light. I was also drawn to the subtle emotional intensity of Charlotte’s scene, and how her journey stands as a relatable and empowering reflection of how one can overcome the mundanity of modern life.”

We congratulate Ava on her nomination for HSC showcase of excellence OnSTAGE for this performance.

Read her rationale here.