Drama drama

Year 10 students worked together to flex their dramatic capabilities during IGS Jumbunna Week.

Inspired by viewing the recent Year 11 play Change the Subject and Zeal Theatre’s King Hit, Year 10 created their own plays.

Zeal Theatre, who worked closely with the students, are regular collaborators with IGS. Their play King Hit examines violence among young people, the perpetrators, victims, witnesses and the so-called “innocent bystanders” and offers alternative perspectives to reckless and abusive behaviour.

Within the theme of Jumbunna Week, a place to meet and talk, through drama, the students were able to explore and analyse diverse responses to some difficult subjects including drugs and pregnancy, abuse, bullying, gay marriage, underage drink driving, violence, paedophilia, dysfunctional families and more.

“Drama offers a way in to difficult subjects, particularly about relationships of vital interest to students of this age,” Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito said.