Exploring excellence in HSC Drama

IGS senior Drama students drew inspiration from exemplar HSC works at nearby Seymour Centre, exploring the WRITERS, OnSTAGE, OnSCREEN and OnSTAGE showcases.

A critical analysis by IGS alumnus Patrick Flood (2017), selected by New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) HSC markers for display, was of particular interest.

Students began by viewing exceptional films made by HSC students last year.

“I loved it and I was really surprised by the quality of the films,” said Will of Year 11. “It shows how much you can actually do in a major work. I am doing four major works myself, so this has given me motivation.”

“I have been wanting to create a film for a long time,” said Henry of Year 11. “I now have a better understanding. These films were really engaging.”

Students also gained a greater awareness of excellence in a range of Drama major works. Elena of Year 11 was particularly interested in the costume designs on show.

“They are all really different, creative and detailed,” Elena said.

Ginger appreciated the talent of the directing, and Beau enjoyed the variety of works.

“Some were dramatic, some were entertaining, but they all appealed to us in different ways,” said Beau of Year 11.

IGS Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito with students Christina, Maxine, Elena and Beau

Meanwhile, Patrick, who has been working at a law firm, is currently holidaying in Cambodia, including visiting Angkor Watt.

Patrick Flood in Cambodia