Digital Citizenship @ IGS

IGS parents and caregivers recently welcomed ySafe Executive Director and law enforcement expert Yasmin London to present on cyber safety research and initiatives.

Yasmin who previously worked as a NSW Police Force Youth Liaison Officer, discussed current cyber safety issues and trends, and how parents can approach these topics with their children.

“Her information and professional insights were extremely compelling,” said IGS Primary Digital Innovator David Smith.

Some of the key points Yasmin addressed:

  • personal branding online and implications for the future
  • information sharing when accessing apps
  • Instagram ghost accounts
  • gaming and associated online dangers
  • regulating online usage with children
  • Digital Citizenship tips for students and parents.

“Yasmin was able to inform parents about the latest apps, how they are used by students and the risks associated with using them,” Mr Smith said.

“Already the feedback from parents who attended was extremely positive and IGS looks forward to working with Yasmin and Ysafe in the future.”

A post presentation Q and A allowed Mr Smith to explain to parents how cyber safety is being managed at IGS, and what programs have already taken place this year in Junior School classes.

Yasmin shared the following post presentation notes for our community and exclusive information provided by ySafe.

Parent guide to cyber safety

IGS parents now have access to an exclusive area of the ySafe website.

“This is where you can access the parent guide that summarises the information discussed during the session, and other useful templates,” Yasmin said.

“Feel free to look at other areas of the site, including useful websites for parents and other helpful tools.”


Yasmin encourages parents to consider and implement the following three-factor “ABC” strategy to effectively address cyber safety issues.

  • control access
  • set boundaries
  • openly communicate.

Parents who attended the forum and wish to leave feedback can do so via the ySafe Facebook page, which Yasmin said is “incredibly helpful”. 

“It was my pleasure to speak with IGS and help provide some insight into the precarious and exciting online world,” Yasmin said.

IGS thanks Yasmin for such a insightful look into our children’s digital future and how we as parents can best manage it. The School looks forward to working more with ySafe and Yasmin in 2019 for both students and parents.

Learn more about ySafe.