Design Futures creative and fun

Students in Year 9 and 10 have enjoyed all aspects of creating Zaishu stools.

Students in the Year 9 and Year 10 Design Futures class have finished their Zaishu stool project.

“They had to design three modifications, choose a sustainable or ethical issue to focus on, and then make their stools,” said Design and Technology teacher Mark Devine.

“All the students did a fantastic job.”

Lulu: “This was a very fun project and I thoroughly enjoyed the practical and design process. I was able to to learn about about and experience using new power tools like the disk sander, jigsaw and routers. I also got more experience using the laser cutter. I not only liked being able to design my own unique stool but I loved creating an ethically inspired stool design. It was defiantly difficult using the power tools at first but I enjoyed the challenge. Next semester I am looking forward to more fun design projects.”

Laith: “I really enjoyed the practical part of the project, it was fun and challenging. I also loved the creative aspect of it as it made everyone think outside the box.”

Harriet: “I really enjoyed the creative freedom within the unit and being able to really test the boundaries of what you can do with a simple design.”

Arlo: “I enjoyed the Zaishu stool topic because we had lots of hands-on work with all sorts of different tools. I have learnt how to use the laser cutter to a good extent and many different electronic tools. I am looking forward to the jewellery topic.”