Design and Technology Exhibition: Donovan Lecours

Title of Major Work: HUD for bicycle food delivery (Deliver-U!)

“The rapid growth of online food ordering and delivery platforms has caused a big increase in the number of bicycle and motor scooter couriers delivering food,” Donovan said.

“The couriers depend on their mobile phones for access to the delivery platform and for navigation to the consumer’s address. Mobile phone distraction is the cause of many accidents with these delivery riders on the road.

“My solution to this is Deliver-U!, a new and innovative technology which makes use of  Heads Up Display (HUD) technology to show the navigation directions just above eye level rather than down at the handlebars – keeping eyes on the road ahead. The HUD easily attaches to a bicycle helmet and comes with a mobile phone app, which enables users to connect their phone to the HUD.

“With the potential of integrating this device into the delivery-bike workplace, I hope to reduce the number of incidents from bike riders and increase their safety on the road.”