Deeper learning in focus at IGS

IGS Deputy Principal Staff and Innovation David Hamper led a professional development session for High School teachers earlier in the week, as we move towards developing our own philosophy of teaching and learning at IGS.

Mr Hamper drew from his recent professional development experiences at Harvard Graduate School of Education to explore deeper learning methods that can be adapted between all departments.

“Students should have to stand on tiptoes to reach your expectations,” he said, quoting Harvard Graduate School of Education Senior Lecturer Irvin Scott.

“This started me on my path to deeper learning,” Mr Hamper said. “To set expectations that are within reach, but need a stretch to achieve.”

“Teachers need to be passionate about their subject in order to engage in deeper learning, and here, we are all very passionate about what we teach and what others around us teach.”

Staff worked in discussion groups to consider how they can apply deeper learning activities in their classes, by altering topic perspectives and inspiring new thought processes.

A number of IGS staff members will bring back insights from High Tech High in San Diego in the US in May 2019 where they will attend the annual Deeper Learning Conference.