Deepening cultural perspective and extending language skills

Wiradjuri Club commenced earlier this term and students taking part are relishing the opportunity to extend their learning of Indigenous culture and language.

Taking place on Fridays during lunch time, the Club is open to all students from Years 4 to 12, and is taught by Peta-Joy Williams, a Wiradjuri woman born in Sydney.

In addition to exploring language and culture, the students have also been learning how to sing songs in Wiradjuri.

Together in song

Using Peta’s talents and experience as an artist, the group have enjoyed exploring Indigenous art, making ochre. The group are eager to take part in more artistic and cultural activities, such as weaving.

IGS Academic Mentor Indigenous Students and Stage 6 Aboriginal Studies Teacher Jade Carr looks forward to developing the Club’s program further and hopes that the language learning in song will culminate with a performance at an assembly in the near future.

Ochre-making fun

Year 11 Aboriginal Studies students recently made their way to The Rocks led by Aboriginal guides for the Mana-Nara Walking Tour, to amplify their study of the topic ‘Aboriginality and the Land’ and the local community case study of the Gadigal People.

“Students were taken on a journey to explore the history and culture of the Gadigal people, as well as their experiences during ‘first contact’ and after colonisation,” Ms Carr said.

Year 11 on the Mana-Nara Walking Tour

“Students explored the Gadigal and other Aboriginal peoples’ resistance to colonisation, colonial policies of the day and how these have impacted on and influenced Indigenous Australians today.”

The program included hands on examination of a variety of Aboriginal artifacts at The Rocks Discovery Museum and discussed bush tucker in the local area.

Examining artefacts

“Students had the opportunity to develop a knowledge and understanding of local Aboriginal identity and experiences through examining a timeline of important historical, social and political events,” Ms Carr said.