Deep in thought

Year 7 IGS students are proving to be an intriguing group of young philosophers, as they engage in scholarly activities and explore their own intellectual curiosity.

Recent Philosophy class discussions have encouraged students to delve into the concept of “what is good”.

“What are the qualities that makes something good?” IGS Philosopher in Residence Dr Britta Jensen asked. “Is something good if it makes you happy?”

Students shared their thoughts as they endeavoured to find the reasoning behind what makes something good. Each student was given a card with a topic listed. Next, they each categorised their topic as “good” or “bad” or “in between”.

A range of areas were included, such as the Sydney Swans, mornings, little sisters and brothers, sushi, rain, Beyoncé, Dr Who and more.

Once each student had placed their card in the area that they believed it best fit, the groups had a chance to discuss their choices, clarifying their understanding of the topic.

Exercises such as this emphasise how philosophical inquiry fosters intellectual creativity and rigour, as students develop new concepts, and identify new problems and methods for solving them.