Debating in virtual parliament

Year 6 students and teachers recently participated in an exciting virtual reality (VR) experience of Parliament.

“The Democracy unit for Year 6, which is heavily centered around government and how it works, with a focus on persuasive writing, has led to an exciting digital integration pilot with the company PIEX,” Primary Digital Innovator David Smith said.

“PIEX has been working with IGS over the years with STEAM based clubs both during vacation care and after school.”

Students were asked to create a virtual parliament, and engage in a parliamentary debate.

Students were teamed up in pairs to brainstorm and write out their debate.

“Students have gained knowledge through an authentic cross-curriculum program with coding and sequencing commands for people and embedded audio to listen to their debate in a virtual world,” David said.

“I was amazed at how adept the students were in sequencing their coding to play out in virtual worlds. Every student was incredibly engaged and it was interesting to hear the discussion between partners in how to alter a sequence to make it more effective.

“This activity has significantly enhanced the unit on democracy with increased digital programming skills for these students. I would like to thank Head of Primary Studies Michelle Sullivan for engaging PIEX to enhance this unit of work.”