Debating in focus

IGS debaters young and old have been busy persuading their audiences.

Eight Year 5 and 6 students recently attended the Independent Primary School Heads of Australia (IPSHA) inter-school Debating Gala Day. IGS had two teams of four compete on the day, said teacher Kirsty McGowan.

The topics they debated were: “That students should write reports on teachers” and “That school sport should be optional”.

Each team participated in two debates, getting the opportunity to be on both the affirmative and negative sides. This activity required a lot of commitment, effort, and time on behalf of the students. The students demonstrated “success through effort” and represented IGS very well on the day. Congratulations to Anouk, Lara, Ava, Romanie, Octavia, Delphine and Melody.

“We’re not here to win, but we’re here to not lose,” the girls said on the day. The students certainly adhered to this as they were fierce competitors who contributed to very close to debates.

Ava: “At times the opposition might be your rivals but in general you’re all friends.”

‘Easy and breezy’

Delphine: “This experience was one of the most fulfilling times this year. Debating is like riding a bike: at first it’s difficult but then it’s easy and breezy.”

Romanie: “I learnt that you should always communicate with your team during the preparation process.”
Lara: “Debating is great way to challenge yourself and learn something new at the same time.”

Anouk: “It doesn’t matter if we lose the debate, we’re all winners.”

Meanwhile, High School debaters were honoured at a recent assembly for representing IGS at Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools (HICES) debating.

They are urging other students to become involved.

“I really enjoy debating,” said Jake. “I love arguing over interesting topics with other people who put thought and effort into their points.

“It’s fun and the atmosphere is great, it gives me a chance to properly think and then speak my mind. I appreciate having the opportunity to debate against others in a competitive way. It’s challenging, engaging and as I said, a lot of fun.

“Debating is definitely an important skill to learn. At some point in your life you’ll be in situations where you have to discuss or convince people on a certain idea or decision, and having the ability to provide reasoning and argue for what you want or believe in is incredibly useful.

“I do believe that other IGS students should get involved. The bottom line of debating is that your arguing against people, and that’s fun. As well as that it’s a great way to learn and develop important skills.”

Students who received awards included Harriet, Henry and Jake. Ms Samson has invited all interested students to speak with her.