Debaters go head to head

A fiercely contested inter-house debating competition kicked off recently between the tutor groups at IGS.

The students were competing for the House Shield, which is awarded at Speech Night at the end of the year.

IGS Teacher and debating coordinator Thom Marchbank said the competition is composed of three rounds.

The tutor groups recently competed to determine the best debaters to form a team.

The next two rounds, which will take place in Weeks 6 and 7 will involve House groups going head to head.

“We aim to devise topics that will test and develop the kids’ ideas and skills, and engage them in important social, political, cultural or moral issues,” Thom said.

IGS Debating Competition gathers steam
IGS Debating Competition gathers steam

The topics for the first round were:

Junior: Streaming kids into classes based on ability is damaging.

Senior: Despite its superficial appeal, living forever would be a terrible idea.