Day of the drones

IGS students in the Digital Innovation (DI) High Club have been learning about drone construction and piloting, with the assistance of aerospace engineers from JAR Aerospace.

A new group of High School students have eagerly joined DI High this term, commencing the DI High 2.0 program.

“It’s the experience I have been seeking,” said Luke of Year 10. “The first course of DI High was amazing and I’m just so excited for the next one.”

The group visited the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC) at UNSW earlier in the week, learning more about some of JAR’s current projects to further enhance the ability of drone technologies in industries such as medical transport, search and rescue, agriculture, mining, film and photography, construction, and electricity and gas.

JAR’s educational branch is aimed at engaging young people and making STEM education more accessible to young minds.

At the MCIC, students discovered that aerospace engineers have come a long way since the days of the Wright brothers, learning more about the immense research, planning and production that goes into creating features such as lifting and propulsion systems.

Overall, the students had an exciting first encounter with the DI High program.

“I really enjoyed the program yesterday, as I think it was very well organised and the educators were very engaging,” said Alea of Year 9.

Next stop on the DI High 2.0 program will be to Dragon Education, where students will engage with the latest video equipment and studio technologies to learn about the principles of digital film and video.