Daniel O’Shea: Investigations into Government policies on social exclusion

Daniel O'Shea was interested in pursuing an education in Aboriginality, and prior to studying the course, he hadn't been exposed to Aboriginal history or culture in a meaningful way.

“I was planning to complete an Aboriginal Studies course as part of my HSC anyway, but I knew that completing it via compression would allow me to work in a more focused, concise and collaborative learning environment,” he said.

“I found Native Title to be a really interesting topic, as it is something so central to the Aboriginal Land Rights movement yet is also widely misunderstood.”

Daniel investigated the effectiveness of Australian Government policies in achieving their goals of reducing social exclusion.

“The most difficult part of the process was also one of the first, that being the development of a research plan, and deciding exactly what I wanted to talk about,” Daniel said.

“Because there are so many different policies to be discussed in Australian-Indigenous history, it was difficult to narrow my scope to a manageable amount of work for my time frame.

“After establishing what I wanted to investigate, it was just a matter of gathering research and putting my thoughts into words.” 

Daniel interviewed his local MP to gain a community perspective.

“I feel as though I am much more appreciative of Indigenous culture and have a greater understanding of the shared Australian history common to all of us.”

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